Quod Verum Tutum

"What is True is Right"


ItusPro is a Courtney family owned company.  Our family has been in the residential construction business for over 40 years and staple community members of Livingston Parish for over a century. ItusPro president Joe Courtney and his father John Navy Courtney opened the doors to Courtney Construction in 1993.  Courtney Construction was a carpentry contractor business specializing in new construction forming, framing, and trim while also performing remodeling and general contracting services.  Over the next 18 years Courtney Construction completed thousands of contracts ranging anywhere from minor repairs to the construction of multi million dollar homes. Building on this experience and working with an every changing economy the Courtney's have focused their attention on helping their loyal customers protect, upgrade, and beautify their existing home exteriors.  It was decided the new focus and direction deserved a whole new name and from there ItusPro was born.

why choose us

"Quod Verum Tutum" has been the Courtney family motto for centuries.  It is only fitting that the English translation "What is True is Right" is our mission statement at ItusPro. We offer upgrades and improvements that will benefit most any home, this is true.  We strive to provide these products at a fair price with quick and courteous installs, this is true.  If we find we can not help you, experience difficulties in any way, or you ask a hard to answer question, we will always offer only the truth.  It is our belief that truth will always prevail.  If we stay true, we will stay happy.  Happy knowing our customers trust in us, as well as our products.

There are many reasons for choosing ItusPro based on the products and services we offer. Those reasons are all over this site and our customer's homes.  Ask ItusPro "why choose us?" and our answer will always be "What is True is Right"

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what WE offer

ItusPro is a home exteriors remodeling company.  It is our goal to offer you an upgrade or improvement to each and every part of your home's exterior.  Many people just want to replace, we hear it all the time "mine is worn out, I just want a new one". Well we do listen to our customers and we will be glad to replace your old windows with a new entergy efficient window.  However our pleasure is to upgrade rather than a simple replacement.  Our signature products are all meant to be as maintenance free as possible, increase curb appeal, and stand the test of time with out needing to be replaced again.  All products offered by ItusPro are backed by factory warranties, many of which are for the lifetime of the owner and some even transfer to the new owner after that.  We have doors, windows, siding, and sunrooms that you will never have to replace again.  More products soon to come including decks, storm shutters, and porch railings.

?ItusPro? really


It is true we get plenty of questions as to how we came by our name so let us explain.  Any one who has tried to name a company in recent years knows finding a name that promotes your focus and that is not already used up on the web and social media is nearly impossible.  Itus, for those of you like us who are not Greek mythology gurus, was the Greek god of protection.  Itus possessed many attributes that ItusPro would like to follow.  Itus was once a human, at which time he was unmatched with the sword and known as the most humble man on earth.  ItusPro strives to be the best at what we do and to do so humbly.  After being made a god by Apollo and Zeus, Itus served as God of Protection and protected the weak.  At ItusPro we offer many products to protect you and your home which are installed only by professional tradesmen.  ItusPro is not your average name, but then again, who wants to be average right?